A bird who crumbs her own path, free from the confinement of cages and conformity. I go where the wind takes me, with no set destination in mind, only to leave my birdprints everywhere I happen to be.

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A certified Personal Stylist. A NET. A writer/blogger/author. A solopreneur. An enthusiastic crafter. An avid reader.  A life-long student. Self-reliant. Independant. Fiercely opinionated. A provocateur. Perfecrly imperfect. A woman of action. Unconventional. Bold and unapologetic. 

I am who I am and proud of it!

My Manifesto:

  • make things happen

  • if something is worth doing, do it with your heart and soul

  • mediocrity is out, leave a legacy instead

  • effectiveness over efficiency, experiences over material gifts

  • think for yourself 

  • ask for what you want

  • be yourself

  • take life one day at a time